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First, it’s important to note that only users who are assigned a role of “Audit Manager” have the ability to manage, add, and remove users to the Audit Suite portal.

To add a new user, simply login to the Audit Suite portal, select “Users” from the vertical navigation on the left side of the page, then when you’re on the Users page, click the “Add New User” button on the top right of the page and the New User dialogue box will open.

Although the form allows you add an association, title, and phone number for each user, the required fields are first name, last name, email address, and user role (learn more about user roles and permissions by clicking here). If you have Multi Factor Authentication enabled, please ensure that you add a valid phone number that can receive SMS text messages.

You also have the option for the new user to receive the automated email welcoming them to the Audit Suite portal. If you deselect the option to Send Account Creation Notification, the user will not receive an email to create their account and will instead have to reset their password in order to gain access to their account (refer to the Password Reset page for instructions).