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To create a new request list, simply login to the Audit Suite portal, select “Projects” from the vertical navigation on the left side of the page, then when you’re on the Projects page, click the “Create New Project” button on the top right of the page and the New Project dialogue box will open.

You then can name the project whatever you would like; however, it’s important to remember that the project title will be used in the subject and body of automated email notifications, so it’s recommended to try and limit the title to approximately 30 characters. The other required fields are Category (simply select “Uncategorized” if there is no designated category), the project start date, target end date, audit manager, and audit staff.

If access to the project and its associated request items need to be limited to the users assigned to the project, then select the box for “Make Project Private”.

Once the form is complete, click “Create Project” at the bottom of the form and the project will created with a pending status. Please view Opening/Closing a Request List for information on the request list statuses.

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