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Categories are useful for you and your team to organize your projects to meet the needs of your team. Whether you are an internal or external audit team, categories will help you organize your projects to quickly filter and sort to find the project(s) you’re looking for.

External Auditors and CPA Firms

The common strategy for using categories is create a category for each client to assign to your audit request lists. If you have a large client and would like to create sub-categories, we suggest the following category naming convention [Client Name] – [Sub-Category] (e.g., Top Client – 2019 Financial Statement Audit).

Internal Auditors

The popular strategy for categories that is used by internal auditors is to create a category for each audit period (typically a fiscal year). We also suggest using the following naming convention to align the audits with the correct audit team or function [Fiscal Year] – [team or function] (e.g., FY2020 – Operations).

How to Create and Manage Categories

To create and manage your categories, simply login to the Audit Suite portal, select “Categories” from the vertical navigation on the left side of the page, then when you’re on the Categories page, click the “Add New Category” button on the top right of the page and the New Category dialogue box will open. Now you simply add the name for your desired category and click “Add Category”.

Please note that you can’t currently delete categories; however, you may rename a category by clicking the “…” to the right of the category on the Categories page.

If you would like to see all projects associated with a category, then navigate to the Projects page by selecting “Projects” from the vertical navigation on the left side of the page and apply a filter to the “Category” column.