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Before getting into the steps to create a new request, please note that all requests must be within an existing project / request list (learn how to create a new request list).

To add a new request item, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the project page for the request list you would like to add the request item.
  2.  Click the “Options” button on the top right of the page and select “Add/Import New Request Items” and the Create New Request dialogue box will open.
  3. Complete the request form with the necessary information to make it clear what documentation/information you’re requesting, along with the status of the request. [1]
  4. Click the “Send Request” button to create the request.

Click Here for Instructions to Bulk Import Request Items

Other Considerations to Note

  • The first users selected for “Requested By” and “Custodian” will be listed as the primary owners; however, all users assigned those roles will receive the automated notifications for the request item.
  • If access to a request item needs to be limited to only the assigned users, then select the box for “Make Request Private” (click to learn about request item permissions). 

[1] – Please note that custodians are unable to view items that have a “Pending” status and will not receive an email notification regarding the requested item until the status is set to open. For additional information, refer to Managing Request Item Status and When do Users Receive Notifications?