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Once you create a request list, if you ever need to duplicate or roll-over the request list for a new project, there’s good news in that Audit Suite has made it a simple and painless process.

To duplicate or roll-over a request list, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the project page for the request list you would like to duplicate.
  2.  Click the “Options” button on the top right of the page and select “Export Request Details” to save the request to an excel document.
  3. Delete the Comments column (‘Column J’).
  4. Update the request list details as necessary.
  5. Then import the updated list to your desired project (refer to the instructions for Importing Request Items for specifics on how to import the request items once the spreadsheet is ready).

Note: Please remember, that in an effort to avoid overloading custodians with emails, request items imported with an “Open” status does not trigger automated notifications to inform custodians of the new request items. For more details on notifications, refer to our article on when users receive notifications.