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Before we explain how to change and update the status of your requests, first you should familiarize yourself with the different statuses that can be assigned, they are as follows:

  • Pending [1]: This status indicates that the request is still in draft and has not yet been sent to the custodian(s). Only the auditors have access to see items with this status.
  • Open [2]: This status indicates the request has been submitted, is currently awaiting action from the custodian(s), and is not yet past the due date.
  • Past Due: This status indicates that the request is still open and the due date has past. Open requests will automatically be updated to “Past Due” when the due date passes and automated notifications will be sent to the custodians ()
  • Provided [2]: This status indicates that the custodian has provided the requested documentation/information and is currently pending review and validation by the request owners.
  • Closed: This status indicates the request is closed and no further action is needed from the custodian(s) or auditor(s).

To manage the status of a request item, you can use the following methods:

  1. Check Boxes: To the left each request item is a check box that you are able to select. You can select as many request items as necessary that you wish to change the status, once the desired boxes are checked, click on the carrot (“v”) and select the status you would like all request items to change to.
    • Note: This is only available via the Dashboard.
  2. Edit Request Item: By default, the details for all requests are collapsed, to edit a request, simply click the carrot (“v”) on the right of the request row to expand the details, click the “Edit Request” link and the Edit Request dialogue box will open, then on the third row you can select the desired status for the request item. Once the status is selected, click the “Edit Request” button on the bottom left of the form and the status will be updated.
  3. Open the Request Item: To open the request item simply click anywhere in the row of the request item you would like to open, once on the request item’s page, you can change the status by either clicking the “Edit Request” link (refer to #2) or by clicking on the status on the top left of the page and selecting the desired status.

[1] – Request items set with a status of “Pending” are only viewable to the audit team, custodians/clients will not be able to see the request until the status is changed.

[2] – Please note that the only statuses custodians are allowed to change a request to are either “Open” or “Provided”.

Note: For more details on notifications, refer to our article on when users receive notifications.