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The summary of all automated notifications sent to users via email are as follows:

Account Creation: This is an optional notification that is sent when an account is created. If the user administrator selects the box to send the account creation email, the new user will receive an email with helpful links for them to quickly get acclimated to Audit Suite. If this email is not sent then the user will have to use the password reset function to access their account (for more information refer to Adding New Users and Password Reset).

New Request Item: When the auditors add a new request item with an “Open” status to a project, or change the status of a request from “Pending” to “Open”, all client users assigned as custodians will immediately receive an automated email notifying them of the new request for documentation.

The only exception is when request items are added with an “Open” status via a bulk import. In an effort to avoid overloading custodians with emails, bulk uploads do not trigger automated notifications to inform custodians of the new request items. However, if requests are imported with another status (e.g., Pending) and then changed to “Open”, the email notifications will be sent for each new request.

Comments Added to Request Item: Each request item allows the request owner(s) and custodian(s) to exchange comments directly within the request. To expedite the response time of a request, when a request owner adds a comment all custodians receive a notification that a comment was added and the email includes the comment that was added. Similarly, all request owners receive an email notification when a custodian adds a comment.

Documentation Provided: When the custodian of a request provides the support to close a request, they can change the status of the request from “Open” to “Provided”. When this status change is performed, the request owner(s) will receive an email alerting them that the requested documentation was provided and is ready for their review.

Documentation Not Accepted: When an auditor or request owner reviews the provided support, if the documentation is not complete or sufficient, the request owner can change the status of the request from “Provided” to “Closed”. Making this change will generate an automated email to all custodians informing them that the request has been re-opened as the documentation provided was either incomplete or insufficient. We recommend also adding a comment to note why the request was re-opened.

Due Date Reminder: At 5am CT every morning a summary email is sent to each client user that has request items with a due date of that day. The email includes the full list of request items and reminds them provide the support by the end of the day.

Past Due Notification: At 5am CT every morning a summary email is sent to each client user that has past due request items. The email includes the full list of past due request items and requests their immediate attention.